Silent Discos: Partying Without Noise Complaints

How many times has you event been shut down due to noise complaints? Or had to change venues due to a noise curfew? Or been at an event where you wished you could change songs like a radio station?

Well you solution is simple: A Silent Disco!

These parties have been around for years but have recently gotten popular.  The concept is simple, each guest is given a set of wireless headphones to wear.  The music is then transmitted through FM signals to the headphones.  The result, everyone with a headphone is instantly transported to a rocking party.

Many times multiple DJs will perform and transmit their music and the guests can choose which channel and DJ to listen to.  No more worrying about picking music all the guests will enjoy because now you can choose multiple genres of music to be played at the same time. If you want to have a conversation with someone, simply turn down the volume or take off your headphones for a quiter envoronment where you don’t need to shout to be heard.

The concept is genius!! If you’re wearing headphones, it’s just ike being at any other shindig where the music is bumping and you’re dancing along with a big crowd.   To an onlooker, it’s a bunch of people swaying to some type of beat, but you don’t hear any music.  Gone are the days of cops knowing at your door or a hotel manager shutting you down for disturning guests. The silent disco is here.

If you’re interested in incorporating a silent disco into your next event, let us now and we’ll see set you up with the vendors that can make it happen. These work great for house parties, weddings, clubs, concerts, and even corporate seminars.